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Offizielle Spielregeln

Single-Line Slots
3-Line Slots
5-Line Slots

Slots Each reel has a number of symbols on it (typically 10 to 20 – but it varies greatly depending on the machine), and pulling the lever causes the reels to spin quickly. When the reels slow down independently, each will randomly display one of the symbols through a viewing window in the machine. Depending on the combination of symbols showing, the player will win different payout amounts – often many times the original bet.

Multi-line machines offer the additional attraction of multiple win lines. In a multi-line machine, the player can bet additional coins to activate extra lines, enabling him to win on multiple symbol combinations.

When you are finished playing, you can click COINS OUT to exchange your coin Credits for Casino chips. As the coins come out of the machine, the number of Credits will be multiplied by the coin value setting ($0.25, $1 or $5) and the resulting amount will be added to your Casino Account balance.

Each slot machine game offers exciting, fast-paced fun. Be sure to try them all!