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Single-line Slot Machines — Spielkontrollen









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Offizielle Spielregeln

Single-Line Slots
3-Line Slots
5-Line Slots


Spin Handle – The handle on the side of the machine will be activated as soon as you bet the minimum number of coins required for a spin. Clicking on the red tip will activate and spin the reels.

Bet One – Click this button to bet one coin of the selected value. Clicking the button more than once will add coins to the current spin. You may bet a maximum of 3 coins of selected value.

Bet Max – Click this button to bet the maximum number of coins.

Spin – Click this button to spin the reels or use the handle on the side of the machine.

Coins Out – Click this button to remove all coins from the machine and add them back to your casino balance.

Coin Value – Choose your preferred coin value. You are welcome to change coin value without leaving the game.

Credit Counter – This is your total number of coins in the machine. Please note that this is not the total value of coins, just their number. For example, if you deposit 5 coins of $5 value into the machine, you have deposited a total of $25, but the Credit Counter will display the number 5 to indicate the total number of coins. If you change the coin setting to $1, your coin credits will increase to 25 to indicate that you have 25 $1 coins.

Coins Bet Counter – This is the total number of coins you are betting for a single spin. You may change this number between spins.